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My partner and me bought a plane ticket this summer over the web. We entered the names of the participants in the voyage: us and our 19-month-old son D. When I received the reservation confirmation, it said “Mr. D. and accompanying travellers, confirmation of your voyage”. Good thing we’re not counting on him to print our tickets, prepare our passports and take us to the airport, despite him being the sole owner of a penis in the house!
sumission at Vie de Meuf

[Disney T-shirts featuring popular characters with words printed instead of their visible body parts (face, arms, etc).]

Mickey’s descriptors [not in the picture]: Clever, Awesome, The Boss, Mischievous, Genuine, Curious, Original, Leader, Funny, and Brave

Donald's descriptors: Angry, Fabulous, Quack, Duck, Temper-tantrum, Funny, and Feisty.

Goofy's descriptors: Goof, Fun, Comic, Weird, Genuine, Laugh Out Loud, Clumsy, Tall, Smart , Wacky, Silly, and Funny

Minnie's descriptors: Cute, Sweet, Gorgeous, Adventurous, Genuine, Adorable, Beautiful, Lovable, Fun, Pretty, and Hot (written in big letters on her foot)  

Gamers get hella uncomfortable over male sexuality too. Can you imagine a “good male character who just happens to be wearing sexually exploitative outfits because he’s ok with his masculinity?” Constantly has the camera pan lovingly over his asscrack and firm glutes, and big ole dangly ballsack that is totes sweaty from all this MMA and soldiering. Time to hit the showers, and do you, personally, think it’s ok to have a long slow pan up the dude’s package (indiscreetly hidden in a jock of course), to his chiseled physique and erect nipples (pierced). He’s not even a Bond-esque confident man, he’s basically a weird Bowie caricature that’s constantly having near-dickslips in every single cinematic as the completely nonsexualized female characters do their business of being gruff and shooting dudes and advancing the plot. Finally, at the end he falls in love (out of nowhere) and/or is killed by the big baddie.
a forum post I read recently, trying to give a solid example of what ‘male objectification in gaming ’ would actually look like if it was anything equivalent to current female objectification in gaming. (via nothingbutsurrender)

Dear Customer who stuck up for his little brother


Dear Customer who stuck up for his little brother, you thought I didn’t really notice. But I did. I wanted to high-five you.

Yesterday I had a pair of brothers in my store. One was maybe between 15-17. He was a wrestler at the local high school. Kind of tall, stocky and handsome. He had a younger brother, who was maybe about…

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Amadi Talks: Siri Failures, Illustrated

[Trigger Warning for extreme callousness in the face of rape survivors on the part of the virtual secretary if you read until the end.]


The recent illustrations of Siri, the iPhone 4S voice-recognition based assistant, failing to provide information to users about abortion, birth control, help after rape and help with domestic violence has gotten a lot of notice. Yesterday’s post with screenshots from a Twitter conversation I was…

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